Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quest For Documents

In the beginning when looking for documents related to the civil warI found that there were an abundance of them so I had to begin to pinpoint those that associated with Florida. Once I found the area where there was one book I looked around in that area and I hit the jackpot. There were many books that covered my topic and would be helpful in the research paper. The only problem was that the majority of the documents in that section were secondary documents so I still had to look for primary documents, that search proved to be a lot more difficult than that of the secondary sources. It took a little longer to find pictures and letters and other primary documents for the paper but I got lucky in the archives at Olin specifically in the Florida Quarterly where I found many useful articles. All in all, the search for documents was not all that difficult it just took a little time and whole lot of patience.

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