Sunday, November 1, 2009

Document Search

Looking for documents for the paper, at first, was confusing and stressful for me, because I hadn't really had to look for so many sources before. However, once I began to find some good, relevant sources,I started to get the hang of things. It was mostly using the online research databases that was the most confusing part for me, as I'm not very adept at using computers or researching using online databases. Also, there didn't seem to be very much written on the Cracker Cowboys, nor the Florida Crackers in general. Primary documents were especially scarce, though I did find a great one with the article written by Frederic Remington in 1895, while visiting Florida, about the Cracker Cowboys. It was one of the first articles I found, and gave me great insight into the Cracker Cowboy lifestyle. The people who worked down in archives were really helpful when I went down there looking for primary sources, and I got a few that way as well.

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