Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Discuss one finding from your topic for the Atlanta Project (Blog I missed)

My assigned topic was Atlanta City Planning from 1900-1950. One of the most interesting pieces of information I learned through my research was how well Atlanta utilized their environment. I feel most cities, especially in the North, fight against their environment and try to alter it as much as possible to create the city they desire. Atlanta, in comparison, strongly worked with their environment to create the best, most unique city they could. They took advantage of their natural resources and planned the city to intentionally integrate Atlanta's beauty. The fact that Atlanta was so beautiful, brought in tourists who wanted to see this city that was not just full of buildings and busy streets, but also had many parks. Atlanta also took advantage of other aspects of their environment, such as their crops, and integrated their agriculture effectively. Atlanta’s industries included Georgia Peaches, Georgia Crackers, and Cotton and Textile. Atlanta was able to be unique because it embraced what made it unique.

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