Monday, April 19, 2010

Does the popular view of Florida match Reality?

This a bit of an issue of perspective, which varies significantly whether one lives in Florida or not. As a Florida resident, and a Central Floridian in particular, I do not always see what is advertised as being "Floridian". For example, while Florida is indeed comparatively warm, there is also the colder season as well as hurricane season, two aspects of Florida that travel agents might neglect to elaborate upon. Yet the universal image of Florida broadcasted abroad (most likely involving palm trees and sandy beaches) is certainly not the most correct version; There are rural areas, there are urban areas; there are rich areas and disadvantaged areas; there are even warm places and cold places. Overall, while there is a hint of truth in the popular conception of Florida, it is important to realize the diversity of the states--one thing that Florida certainly has a lot of.

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