Friday, April 16, 2010

Does the popular view of Florida match the reality?

The popular view of Florida has changed so many times that to answer that question is difficult. According to the "Winter" escapes we discussed in class, Florida is a paradise on earth with the best qualities of the North in a perfect climate. Florida does have a tropical climate, but with that comes some natural disasters people are not so fond of. In the book Saving South Beach, the author clearly depicts in the preface how quickly things in Florida can change, and how many different versions of Miami South Beach, alone, there are. The view of South Beach is party city. While this stereotype is true, it excludes huge communities of people living in Florida. For example, in my stereotyped view of South Beach, I imagined white people and latinos drinking in fancy clubs by the beach, but I never knew about the huge Jewish community it is impossible to miss on the drive to those clubs, with there modest hair coverings, having their Sabbath day while most tourists are driving past them to the beach for some fun. Also I never imagined South Beach could be so filthy (sorry, Miamians), and I never knew street could be as clean as the streets of the Downtown Disney area. In reality, I think Florida varies too much to have an accurate stereotype of Florida.

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