Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Does the Florida Experience Reflect Post WWII Expectation

In many ways Florida is seen as an indication of what is or will be going on in the rest of the United States (such as entering the Great Depression first and so on). So, understanding what occurred in Florida post WWII and how that compared to expectations is a pretty good indication of overall national trends.

During the war, industry was even more completely controlled and geared towards the war efforts that it had been during WWI. This led to rapid economic expansion during the war. This economic well being and growth was expected to carry over into the post-WWII American society. Americans should now be the "people of plenty."

The exposure of many military men of Florida (many bases and other military sites were located in Florida) caused an increase in population in Florida after the war as returning soldiers decided to move their families there. The interstate highway system started with the Highway Act of 1956 gave people increased access to Florida so now the middle class that epitomizes this post WWII growth (and not just the wealthy) could vacation in Florida. Increased population, access, and tourism in Florida are all indications of increased economic growth across the country.

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