Thursday, April 8, 2010

How does Florida's experience reflect post World War II expectations?

Post WWII, Florida's experience was similar to that of other urbanizing states. Growth increased in various sectors especially in the economic and social sectors. Post WWII, soldiers came home and married their high school sweethearts and came down to start a life and then came the baby boom. Families increased, suburbanization increased, and people start seeing more growth in the middle class. In addition, men started back in the workforce which left the women to go back in the domestic sphere to raise the kids. Industries in Florida grew, especially in tourism. Florida's economy practically boomed as a result of an increase in tourism. Florida became a hot spot destination for families and such, especially after being coined as "the sunshine state." In effect, Florida's growth was significant since its economic and social sectors increased tremendously, changing its former reputation as the swamp land to the next dream vacation destination.

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