Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boundaries Between Communities

Today communities across the country including Winter Park are subjected to boundaries that may not take shape physically (but in some instances they do), but are still nonetheless present. When thinking of Winter Park I see land value as a huge boundary to where communities begin and end. For one people like to assimilate with people similar to them and in Winter Park’s case wealthy people.

Also communities across the world have physical barriers as well from the Gaza Strip in Israel to even the international borders of the U.S. and Mexico communities that are very alike are still divided. Though physical boundaries are today much a relic of the past race today is still a prelevent boundary that puts into question many of the civil rights strides we’ve made as a society within the last 50 or so years

So as communities look toward the future they’ll have to look at all these barriers and determine the best course of action to bring better cooperation within communities as well as to best go about breaking these so called borders.

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  1. How can we affect the economic values in a positive way? This is at the core of Looking Backward and the real world circumstances in Winter Park. What would you suggest?