Thursday, September 8, 2011

Social Boundaries: The Economical Factor

The economic status is the most important factor. It plays an important role in improving the lives of people living in the community. It can also help in improving the community itself and the area which it occupies. Communities are used to be divided into two groups, wealthy and poor. They were divided based on the economic status. They were usually being separated in different areas of towns and cities. Some of the communities were divided to the north and south areas of a town or a city. The wealthy community can afford better features like big houses, good streets, safe areas and a verity of services. On the other hand, a community with a poor economic status used to live in an area that is filled with small houses, unorganized streets, less safe areas, and little to none services. It is obvious that the more money a person got, the more luxury his life was. The wealthy communities provided better education than the poor communities where there were fewer students in the schools and teachers got better salaries. This led the wealthy students to get better jobs than poor student. Wealthy people usually have very good carriers, like doctors, businessmen, and lawyers. They didn't work hard like the poor people who used to have low wage carries like farmers and mechanics, and they had to hard and for long hours. Because wealthy people have money and a lot of free time, they have a better life style than poor ones. Wealthy people had many hobbies that they enjoy because of the free time they have. Wealthy people can afford the money to get their needs. On the other hand, a number of poor people didn't make enough money or didn't have a job. They had to steal and commit crimes. They mostly did these crimes in the same area thy live in because of the lack of safety reinforcements there. In the end, the economic status remains one of the important factors that give a person his place in the community. The more money he got, the higher his role was in improving his life and the life of the community itself. It can also provide a better and easier life for him and his family.

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