Thursday, September 29, 2011

RCC Research Paper Topic

The topic I have chosen for my research paper is: “The development of Winter Park in the Gilded Age in relation to tourism in the era.” I think that this will be an interesting topic to talk about because the topic poses many facets of which I can discuss. I can discuss the very beginnings of tourism to Winter Park, and how tourism progressed in the 1890s until the turn of the century. I can discuss why Winter Park attracted tourists: what appealed to tourists. Who came down to Winter Park (“Snowbirds” for example) represents another aspect of my topic. I can bring up Rollins College’s influence on tourism and how the college attracted people to Winter Park. I can discuss the influence or lack thereof that possible tourism in cities near Winter Park had on Winter Park in the Gilded Age. I discuss origins of the town’s name “Winter Park” (why the town was named this). Winter Park’s Gilded Age hotels, restaurants, shops, and other services pose as subjects for discussion in addition. I can talk about both sides of the tourism issue in regards to the tourists and the workers. I can discuss how African-Americans came to Winter Park in this era to construct and work in Winter Park’s tourist establishments. Furthermore, I can discuss how tourists progressed from staying in hotels to actually acquiring property in Winter Park and how this contributed to the growth of Winter Park.

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  1. Tourism is a great topic. I want you to consider a couple of things. First and foremost, you cannot tell the whole story of tourism in Winter Park. Your focus should be on the 1890s period and the attempt to draw visitors and residents to the town. You can expand this period of investigation (1885 to 1905), but I want your focus to be in the 1890s. Have no worries, tourism is a great topic and there are plenty of primary sources for your paper.