Thursday, September 29, 2011

Research Topic

I would like to choose the influence of founders in Winter Park as my research topic. Loring Augusta Chase and Oliver Everette Chapman both are the founders of Winter Park. They built this village and changed it forever. They not only built this village, but also developed it very well. Although Oliver sold his property in here after several years, he still helped a lot to make Winter Park become a center around Orlando, even Florida. At the same time, Mr. Chase still worked on constructing Winter Park as a nice place for people living. They built houses, hotel, churches, school, and parks. After those public services setting up, they built train depot, which still uses today. Winter Park had a population of 600, while Orlando’s population was 4,500. Also, our Rollins College was built at that period. It is important to know the founder of our village, because it absolutely the milepost in its history.

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  1. This is a good topic, but I want you to pick one person and fully focus on that person. So, either of the founding fathers is a good choice, but both in one paper isn't really a good approach given how much you are required to write.