Thursday, September 29, 2011

Research Paper

For my research paper I want to focus on the influential persons who helped set up Winter Park but most notablely those fromt he north who were conducting business in Winter Park or who helped establish winter park as the vibrant community it is today. I wanna discuss what brought them to the Winter Park area such as Flagler and his railroad that he was building through Winter Park ect. Besides discussing the individuals themselves and their business interests I wanna look at the other side of the winter park community the historically African American side of the community and want investigate what businesses were being started there and their impact on the community and how the labor from this side of town helped shape the business climate today. In addition to the African American perspective of the development of business in Winter Park I want to examine why winter park in the first place has been a place conducive to a business climate and when that climate started to develop.

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  1. The topic you pick works in theory, but you need to narrow this story down to a specific person or industry in order to write a good paper. Consider focusing on transportation and its effect on Winter Park development. This would allow you to talk about railroads or focus on Agriculture and its importance as a business.