Thursday, September 29, 2011

Research Paper

I would like to have my research paper focus on the massive industrialization that has changed Winter Park, and had turned it in to the magnificent city it is today. On of the most important figures of that aspect is the businessman Colonel Franklin Fairbanks. Fairbanks came to Winter Park in the early 19th century and contributed a lot to the founding of Rollins College. Fairbanks was even one of the first trustees of the College. I hope to learn more about one of the most influential people in Winter Park at the 19th century. Due to the fact that we have studied much about the white wealthy northern citizens of the United States, that had immigrated to Winter Park in order to escape the cold winter they suffered from at their home state, Fairbanks exemplifies those same people that built the city of Winter Park and enjoyed it to the fullest. It is nice to connect the class material in a more focused and intimate way.

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  1. Franklin Fairbanks is indeed a key figure to understand the development of Winter Park and he links directly to the broader Gilded Age story in several ways. There are resources available online-->

    Ultimately, you will be able to find all the information you need in college archive.