Thursday, September 29, 2011

Research Paper Topic

During this class, we have studied the development of Winter Park, focusing on racial division and division of the town based on class status. The tour that we took also focused on the development of Hannibal Square, an area of low economic status in Winter Park. For my research paper, I plan to examine the other side of the spectrum, the side of development of the wealthy community. I plan to examine the early businesses designed to draw in the wealthy, as well as how wealthy communities were built for the rich. Through these two topics, I will see how these businesses and communities have impacted the economy, as well as whether or not it succeeded as a resort for the wealthy.

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  1. This is a good topic to explore. There are several issues that can help you narrow your focus. First, you can examine the land companies that operated in the town. The Winter Park Land company sold the town. There are many resources online that can get you started. Consider checking Central Florida Memory ( for early land advertisements.