Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Primary Source for Research Paper

One of the primary sources which I have chosen for my research paper concerning the physical changes which Winter Park has undergone throughout the Gilded Age is this one, dealing with Winter Park’s railway. In it, the author discusses a broad range of topics regarding the urbanization of Winter Park. It discusses the construction of more buildings, such as cottages, schools, banks, and stores – a vast change from the “desolate” pre-industry Winter Park which was primarily laid down by its founders, who aimed at building it up.

It also describes the changes made to the roads of Winter Park to accommodate industrial changes and innovations, such as street cars and other modes of transport. Since my paper is dealing with the physical changes and representation of these changes in terms of the physicality of Winter Park, this primary source which displays specific records and data from the time during which they were being implemented is a very good resource for my final paper.

Furthermore, this article discusses the railroad’s impact on Winter Park in regards to population growth. Population growth would in turn result in more houses and buildings being constructed in Winter Park. The growth of Winter Park shown through a more physical perspective is the integral part of my paper. I will also be focusing on the impact which specific constructions had on Winter Park from a social perspective, such as the segregation which this very railway, which facilitated such growth, began to symbolize. I will address the dual nature of the physical changes to Winter Park during this time, utilizing this primary source amongst others, as well as secondary sources.

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