Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Primary Source for Research Paper

For the end of the semester, a very detailed research paper about Winter Park is required. For my paper I have chosen to research the economy in Winter Park. With this paper, I am required to use both primary and secondary sources. One of the primary sources I am using is

More importantly, I am emphasizing the section of the article that talks about the hotels closing down in the Winter Park area. This primary source is very significant source because it is a perfect example of how Winter Park’s economy was booming during the Gilded Age time period. The article explains how the hotels in the area were very successful and they had many visitors from different parts of the country. It further explains how hotel managers in the Winter Park area were forced to close down their hotels in order to manage hotels in the bigger cities such as New York and Boston.

In conclusion, the primary and secondary sources chosen for this research paper is essential. They allow people to utilize their resources to create a detailed paper about the topic they have chosen. With this, our generation will become educated and will never forget our past that has shaped our future.

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