Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Secondary Source: Oliver E. Chapman


This article is very useful and interesting in the way that it describes how Oliver E. Chapman and his friend and co founder, Loring Chase came about opening Winter Park. it discusses how winter park came about its name. the primary reason is that the two men originally wanted to create a winter getaway to escape the cold weather and just be able to relax. i learned that the area had a few different names before the two named it Winter Park: first being lake view and then osceola, and then finally winter park (because Chapman and Chase both wanted the name to be something about a park in winter). So the town became Winter Park and was a destination to many for its beautiful lakes, warmer weather, and natural surroundings. the town was built up, in addition, to provide great restaurants, outdoor activities, and entertainment for those who visited.
In addition, this source has a detailed timeline that is very helpful, describing when and what took place in the development of Winter Park. for example, Loring Chase was first to purchase property in the area (600 acres for 13,000$ in 1881) along with his childhood friend Oliver Chapman. as soon as they bought the land, they began planning the city..."By late summer, they plat a town, which includes a grid network of streets, a 10-acre park next to the railroad tracks, a lakeside resort hotel site and a black residential district for domestic servants and grove workers."
Overall, the source is very useful in continuing my research on Chapman and his part in developing the town.

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