Tuesday, October 18, 2011

chapman primary source

For my research paper i am researching Oliver Chapman, one of the first founders of Winter Park. for one of my primary sources i looked at a copy of the local newspaper, the Sandspur. one of the articles titled, "Chance played active role in college founding" discusses both Oliver Chapman and his best friend and co founder of Winter Park, Loring A. Chase. this article focuses in on their meeting one another. This article also goes into detail about how Mr. Chase and mr. Chapman agreed on a piece of property to pursue which would later become Winter Park.
This source is very helpful and describes some of the obstacles the two men faced when starting Winter Park, for example, when they were first opening the town, the railroad company refused to open a station; however the two managed to raise the money themselves and open a very necessary building. There are many other primary sources i have looked at for this topic and all serve importance and will be very helpful in understanding the life of oliver chapman and his duty behind opening Winter Park.

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