Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secondary Source

For my research paper, a mixture of primary and secondary sources is desired. One of the secondary sources I am going to use for this paper talks about the economy of Winter Park and is entitled, "Winter Park History." The article is published by the Winter Park Historical Association and provides important information. This article is very significant to my paper because it talks about the obstacles that Winter Park's economy endured. It explains how the convenience of railroad service and the establishment of Rollins College in 1885 encouraged further growth of the community and how Chase and Chapman began selling lots by promoting the settlement throughout the Northeast.

It further explains how citrus emerged as a mainstay of the economy, which slowed in the mid-1890s following devastating freezes and in the early 20th century, prominent northern businessmen invested, once again sparking the Florida Land Boom. This spurred the bricking of streets, the opening of new subdivisions, commercial buildings and schools.

However, the article later explains how the collapse of the Boom in the late 1920s dampened construction activity, which remained slow through the early years of the Great Depression. Winter Park rebounded in the late 1930s, and economic development resumed with renewed intensity after World War II. Development since 1950, stimulated by the establishment of Kennedy Space Center, Disney World and the emergence of Orlando as a regional banking service center, has resulted in the loss of many historic buildings to the demands of growth. Nevertheless, Winter Park retains a number of buildings from its early years and has not lost it’s historical touch.

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