Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secondary Source

One of the secondary sources which I will be using in my paper is this article from Winter Park’s historical web page. In it, there is a timeline of events pertaining to Winter Park’s growth over time in regards to grid street networks, railroad progress, and offices which were opened at the time, such as telegraph offices and public schools.

The article, similar to my primary source, provides information concerning the growth of Winter Park industrially and thus physically, but, unlike in my primary source, it does so in hindsight. As such, the two sources can be compared and contrasted within my paper itself. I will be able to see how developments observed in my primary source affected Winter Park as a whole by examining this secondary source, as they complement each other. This secondary article also offers brief historical information of Winter Park itself, which will be handy in citing within my paper. It also lists key figures in Winter Park’s history and population statistics.

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