Thursday, October 20, 2011

Secondary Source

I find a book in library called Millennium Memories by National Bank of Commerce. This book generally describes the history of Winter Park, and gives me some details about Loring Chase, the co-founder of Winter Park. I want to do some research about his contribution on building economy of Winter Park. This book also provides me a few of data. “In partnership with his friend, O. E. Chapman, 600 acres were purchased for approximately $13,000 and the town was platted, with the town was platted, with lots reserved for hotels, business, residences, schools, churches, and parks”.  From here, this book guides me to explore the directions of my paper, which are about business and hotels. After that, it talks about the first building in our town, which are train depot, Ergood’s store and Rogers House in 1882.

Ergood’s store was the first store in our town, and it was on the Park Avenue. The store occupied the second floor; at the same time, public school was on the first floor. Besides Ergood’s store, Rogers House was the first hotel at here, and the first dinner party was considered as the mark of beginning Winter Park’s journal.  In that period, the most attractive place in Winter Park was Seminole Hotel. With steam heat, gas lighting, and electric service bells, Seminole attract thousands of guests coming to here for passing their winter vacation until it burned down in1902.

From the words above, I can find the several points that I would like to discuss in my paper. I will do more research in our Rollins Archives about Chase’s contributions on developing local business.

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