Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thawing Out the History of Winter Park

One of my secondary sources, A Guide to Historic Winter Park: Florida focuses on most obviously the history of Winter Park, but it brings to light some general information about George Morgan Ward’s background. I will most likely use this general information about Ward in the introduction of my paper. The general information about Ward that can be found in this book will help the reader of my paper to gain perspective on what type of person Ward was. The general information that is illustrated in the book is what educational background Ward had and how his education and personality helped him to improve Rollins College.

The book on a more specific level explains what Ward did during the big freeze. I will be examining the big freeze’s effect on Rollins College and the Winter Park community closely. The book explains not only Ward’s reactions to the big freeze, but also depicts general problems Winter Park faced as a community when the big freeze hit.

I believe that this book will be of most importance to me when I need to find general information about Winter Park. Once I am able to understand the general history of Winter Park closely and Ward’s impact on it I will then be able to look into other secondary and primary sources that examine specific parts of Winter Park’s history more closely. When I do my research I am attempting to find broader information and then work toward more detailed facts; that is also the style of how I plan to write my paper.

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