Thursday, October 13, 2011

Significant Primary Source

Concerning my research paper on the extent Rollins College reflects the Guilded Age and its impact on its surrounding city, Winter Park, one of my primary sources provides excellent insight. However small, this source provides supporting evidence for a mirroring of the changes happening all over the country.
This document getimage.exe is significant to my research because it provides information from the time and is unbiased by time. The writer, Edward Hooker, expresses his view of one of his female collegues and teachers at his school, Rollins College, Miss Clara L. Guild. SHe is also a graduate of Rollins College and had been teaching there for a year. The source, dating 1891, shows how previous notions of gender spheres remained, but were being altered because of advancements caused by the urbanizing movement in the US. Miss Guild is very highly thought of, and according to the recommendation/letter she has not only taught the college course "
with excellent success" but is also highly trusted to influence in any situation (not specifically situations with moral complications).
Before the Guilded Age, women's sphere was distinct and separate from men's– pertaining only to domestic duties, raising and caring for children, or making morally superior judgements. This document advocates a woman who is not abandoning the previously conceived notions, but is also expanding on what she is capable of in society. Edward Hooker, the pastor and Rollins College President, shows us a woman who is well educated, and teaching higher education to young adults. More and more women were joining the work force during the 1890's and Winter Park, FL was not an exception in the countries move towards industrialism.

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