Thursday, November 17, 2011

consumptive properties

In the 1980’s the use for a house was a lot different then it is now. Today we have private houses that only our family members live in. Houses are very personal and private. In the 1890’s the lower class people had houses that they shared with many other strangers. They had no privacy and they did not get many options of the location of their house. The upper class people were more similar to today’s style of houses. They were private and only their family lived in the house. The majority of the houses in Winter Park are like the wealthy peoples houses in the 1890’s.

The houses in Winter Park are considered consumptive properties because it takes a lot of money to build them. They are all in the same area, which makes the properties more valuable when everyone’s houses are nice looking. The houses are big and well taken care of. The gardens are full of flowers and the lawns are nicely cut. Each house is off of brick roads and has many stores that are easily accessible. The interior of each house is very clean and has valuable accessories in them. These consumptive homes are definitely have more than the average person and or homeowner. The lower class people in winter park are a different story. They do not have consumptive properties because they have things that they need not things that they want. The majority of the people in Winter Park have consumptive properties and have more than they need.

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