Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Essentialness of the home

The home is vital to the consumptive structure in Winter Park because the businesses couldn't possibly survive on just on the revenue inflow from visitors. In order to thrive as a city and for entrepreneurs to have more than respectable profits, Winter Park had to become an appealing area for those seeking a residential life.
Winter Park was created with consumption in mind. The creators pictured it as a business endeavor in and of itself. By buying this huge land and turning it into a sort of utopia or at least a peaceful getaway, they themselves would be turning a profit. The park-like scenery, fashionable, high-end stores, and the railroad were all characteristics that appealed to families and therefore made Winter Park not only a suitable place to live but also a desirable one. Those that were attracted to the possibility of living in Winter Park purchased their home; so just the home itself is a consumptive structure. The sale of a home gives benefits to every entrepreneur in Winter Park. The realty agency that sells the house gets money and to the businesses located in the area, the people living in that new home become possible customers.
Usually after the home is purchased the homeowners buy new or add furniture to the existing ones, which, in essence, spells large profits for any furniture or house supply stores in the area.  But not only that, a home means the difference between frequent customers and here-for-only-a-few-days customers.  A home means that the person (or persons) will be a constant source of revenue for the shops available, if not for nonessential items, then for everyday necessities- food, toiletry items, clothes, etc.
The home is a consumptive structure in Winter Park because it contains all the things that are needed to have a thriving consumptive community: essentials and non-essentials that are there for the comfort of the home's inhabitants. The presence of homes means there are residents to buy from the local businesses, which in turn provides jobs for local or nearby residents, keeping the circulation of money flowing.  Not to mention that the beautiful homes increases the worth of the area and the city shops, forcing business owner's to sell pricey items. Also, the beautiful homes attract more people to come spend in the city or even live there.

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