Sunday, September 14, 2008

2nd Post, trying to do research

For my project, i have practically gotten no where in terms of researching in the archives or the library. For all of the research that I have done, it hass either been through the Rollins website or through the internet. I have not looked very hard on the internet although I cant say from experience, I'm bound to find something.
When I did go to archives I looked at basically the journals and all of the personal letters of President Hooker. This guy truly was the first president of Rollins because through his letters, I could tell that he was in charge of everything. Not only did he teach, but he was involved with financial problems, was campus security, gave tours of the school, checked the cafeteria for food qualifications, and was almost like a maintenance man. I remember one letter in particular it was Hooker talking to some guy about getting furniture for the school.
For this project, I now know that I am going to be learning alot more about President Hooker and especially about the development of Rollins

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