Sunday, September 14, 2008

From continuing my research in the archives this past week I found some new interesting material on the Winter Park Land CO. and housing developments. This time when researching I looked closely at the dates of the materials I was looking at because one the trends I am looking for in my research are possible time periods that may have had more significant conflicts or influences over the Winter Park Land CO. This week I learned about Harold A. Ward Sr. and Jeannette G. Mckean who in 1954 made up the executive board of the Winter Park Land CO. Harold A. Ward Sr. was prior to working for the Land CO. a manager of a winter park retail store but then soon met Mr. Morse who made him manager of the Winter Park Land CO then eventually the vice president. Jeannette G. Mckean was the president of the Winter Park Land Co. in 1954 and was the granddaughter of Mr. Morse and the wife of Hugh R. Mckean, the president of Rollins College at the time. Her mission in being the president of the Winter Park Land CO. was to guide its progress based on sound policies and continue its growth as an “outstanding city of homes”. This time period, the 50’s, was a very successful one for the Winter Park Land CO. They had major investments and public interests. When furthering my research this week I plan on looking further into this era of the 1950’s for the Winter Park CO.

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