Sunday, September 14, 2008

Movie Houses

After going to the archives and doing some research, I found a lot of good information about different theaters. Some of the theaters include the Repertory Theater, the Theater on Park, and the Enzian Theater. The Enzian is probably the most popular of the movie houses in the area. It opened in 1985. It is the only nonprofit alternative in Central Florida. It seats 250 people. In 2002 they were awarded a grant of $30,000 by the Darnden Restaurant Foundation. This money was used for renovation of the theatre. The Repertory Theater is not a theater for movies, but rather for plays. It was made in 1926 and there was a renovation in 1986 which finished in 1990. The renovation including offices, dressing rooms, and a workshop. The theater seat 400 people. It also has training and special performance opportunities. The Theater on Park is neither a movie theater or a play theater. It is a jazz theater that was approved for construction in 1977.

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