Sunday, September 14, 2008

Further research on my topic

This week I furthered my research by looking at more documents in the archives and exploring sites online. I mainly focused on flyers and pamphlets that advertised events that supported the arts and sciences at Rollins College and within the Winter Park community as a whole. I found advertisements for plays, art exhibits, and musical performances. After documenting these events I looked at newspaper articles for attendance, acceptance of the event, and a change in overall perception of the intellectual community of Winter Park. Most of the events were well attended, accepted, and had a positive impact on the community. But some events, such as plays put on my Rollins' Annie Russell theatre company, were not accepted as well as others due to the topic and acting in the plays. An example of this was the play Equus, which featured the central character as nude and blinding horses. There are several newspaper articles that were released after the play was preformed that accused Annie Russell of insensitivity toward the people of the community. Looking back, we see that Annie Russell was ahead of her time due to the fact that Equus is a widely performed and revered play today. 

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