Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Topic...New Research

After meeting with Professor Chambliss, he and I decided to change my topic to discuss how Disney World has affected toursim in Central Florida.  In looking into my new topic, I first wanted to see what Disney had planned on creating for his "Florida Project," so I did some digging around online and found the actual video of Walt Disney himself explaining to viewers at home his vision of the Experimental Prototype City of the Future, or EPCOT, that would be the focal point of Disney World.  The plans called for an airport, welcome center, industrial center for major corporations to show off their lastest creations, a massive residential city of the future, a championship golf course, and a theme park.  The city, EPCOT, would have been completely enclosed and designed so that it could be updated as technology improved.  Walt designed people movers and monorails to transport people so cars would be rarely used.  The project was massive, but because Disney had been granted municipal jurisdiction over the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which was what the land Disney owned was named, the company could avoid any zoning regulations that would have been required by the government.  Surprisingly, the display area Walt had built on the new property to show the public the video and plans of Disney World attracted over a million people and this was years before any of the land had even been cleared.  This alone shows how Disney began to attract tourists to its new Central Florida location.

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