Sunday, September 28, 2008

Articles about the Langford

This weekend, I continued my research on the Langford Hotel. Using the many research engines available through the Olin Library website, such as JSTOR, I was able to find many newspaper articles that discussed various issues related to the Langford Hotel. I was able to find quite a few articles, all of which revealed a few things to me. One of the articles was a New York Times article written in December of 1955. The article describes how the Langford Hotel, which was built at the cost of $1,000,000, was, at the time, the second year-round hotel with air conditioning to be built in Central Florida in over thirty years. The article also explains how each room had a balcony, too. The article concludes with describing the central patio, which would later be demolished, which would remain a core part of the hotel until the hotel's destruction in the early twenty-first century. Another article I found, which was written in the Orlando Sentinel in December of 1985, examined how Rollins College had failed to accurately estimate the drop-out rate of the incoming freshman class, and, as a result, there were forty extra students without rooms. The extra students were housed in the Langford Hotel. The article explains how many students were unhappy with the situation and how the Langford was not following up on the cleaning services that they had offered. I look foward to doing more research this week.

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