Sunday, September 28, 2008

fourth post- women's tennis, 1940's

Over the course of this week, after spending time researching the archives, I found many articles pertaining to the famous women tennis players at Rollins. For instance, Pauline Bentz was one of the most well known and gifted players of the forties among college tennis players. She was the winner of many tournaments, including even a few national competitions. Another player just below Bentz was Dorothy Bundy. These two players were highly talented and maintained good grades in their classes, as Holt especially emphasized. Their one upset was their financial status. Both girls were unhappy due to their lack of spending money, therefore Rollins showed immense support by creating funds specifically for Bentz and Bundy to enhance a cushier lifestyle, which both girls took for granted. Eventually, this led them to work in the college offices, doing odd jobs to make up for their overindulgences. As I have previously written about, Connie Clifton was another very well known player, however not just for her skills, but for her overall determination to succeed at Rollins. Similar to Bentz and Bundy, Clifton was also very financially handicapped, and even starved herself in order to continue to attend the school. Before Rollins officials stepped in, Clifton was only eating one meal a day, while intensely training. Clearly this was an unhealthy habit, therefore she received more compensation to maintain her wellbeing at school. Nonetheless, all of these women were successful throughout their time spent at Rollins, and certainly raised the bar for the tennis team. There is still more to come on all of these athletes with the abundance of articles to read through.

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