Sunday, September 28, 2008

Historical Society

This past week I paid my second visit to the Historical Society. The first week was pretty slow, with only one visitor, so she put me to work on my project, tourism throughout Winter Park, and showed me the books they make available on site, which I’m sure she showed all of you as well. I was able to find a lot of really good information from the town records, which mainly discussed why people were flocking to Winter Park. I also used the collection of old town papers, which displayed ads and articles that discussed how the climate was proving to be beneficial to those suffering from lung and breathing issues. I found that to be quite misleading, considering I was diagnosed with bronchitis later that day. The second week, she put a few of us to work labeling and categorizing the current display. Afterwards, she took us to a house/museum where the archives are kept, and where she would be taking us next week to do some cleaning and sorting. I felt more useful this time around, but I was thankful that she gave me time to do my own research. I was skeptical about this assignment at first, but each time I have gone it has gotten better.

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