Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bucklin Moon

So, since I wasn't sure what I wanted to write my paper on, I researched events and people from this area in general. In my investigation, I happened upon some information that stuck out in my mind, so I decided to go with that. I ended up choosing the author, Bucklin Moon, because he was a writer which is something that I enjoy myself. Bucklin Moon was a Rollins student in the 1930's, but achieved fame in the 1940's when he began to write his books. He is credited as one of the first white writers to write about the struggle that African Americans had to go through, even throught the small advances that had been made. He is thought of as one of the crusaders for equality through his work, bringing the stories of hardship to the people the same way that Uncle Tom's Cabin did. He had settled back into Winter Park by this time, writing his books and attempting to change the world. At this time, he attempted to start a class at Rollins College based on the idea that fiction can change the world. Despite the fact that he was highly distinguished, the school board decided that this class followed to closely to another class to warrent the development of this. In the 1950's communist hysteria, Bucklin Moon was named as a member on a pamphlet from a communist party meeting. Hardship fell on Moon as people began to distrust him, as was often the case during this time. With further investigation, I hope to find evidence to eiher disprove or prove his involvement. Even if he was a communist, the impact of his work was still monumental.

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