Sunday, September 21, 2008

Winter Park Historical

Well, this week, I finally got to go to the Winter Park historical museum. I could never go see the lady who is in charge because she never got my phone call but I had a lot of questions in my head as in what this museum would look like. Well, being from Chicago, I am used to big museums like the field museum or the planeterium. But Winter Park Museum was quite different: one room, one exhibit. Even though this is what I thought was the wierdest part of the museum, I also thought this was the coolest part of the museum. The fact that there is one room for the history of such a historic town gets me thinking. For my history project, i have gotten absolutely no where in the past week. For angels in the machinery, i hate the book but i love the textbook because i think that it give off so much more information. I am going to be working at the museum on tuesdays and thursday for 1.5 hours per day. Hopefully, I can get some good out of this experience and open myself up to a new door in my life.

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