Sunday, September 21, 2008

More on the Langford Hotel

This week I continued my research on the Langford Hotel. A highlight of my research was my decision to walk by the actual site of where the Langford used to be. Unfortunately, the Langford was demolished years ago and now there is only a barren plot of land to symbolize where the once-great hotel stood. The hotel's address, 300 East New England Avenue, might as well be non-existent now since no building stands. As I walked on the empty plot of land, I tried to imagine what everything had looked like ten years ago and even fifty years ago. How much had changed sine then? What had stayed the same? I thought about the houses that had been torn down to make room for the Langford and how now, almost 70 years later, the Langford, instead, has been torn down. It would be ironic if the land was divided to build houses. Surely, in ten years there will no longer be an empty plot of land. The rest of my research is going well and I plan on returning to the Olin Library Archives later this week. I look forward to further research and I'm also hoping to find more pictures of the Langford Hotel, too.

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