Sunday, September 21, 2008

Revised Topic

The topic of my project is the pre-history of Winter Park Florida. My topic changed slightly I am no longer researching how the town changed into what is today. Oliver Chapman and Loring Chase were the official founders but in my topic I am concentrating solely on the first settlers.
In the pioneer days of Winter Park the landscape was just wooded trails. It is interesting to learn about the way of life the settlers experienced. Walking through the town of Winter Park is shocking to realize that it was only woodlands before it became urbanized.
It is interesting to find out if there were different tribes and how they reacted with each other. Also, the way of life the tribes experienced when the new settlers arrived. Most likely the Indian settlers experienced negative treatment, but how did they respond to this? This topic is not thought of very often, but it is important to know what lied here before the town was settled.

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