Sunday, September 14, 2008


This past week as I continued my research on tourism within Winter Park dating before Disney, I felt a little overwhelmed when I was handed 10 folders filled with brochures. I focused on the early nineteen hundreds and read brochures that gave basic facts regarding the average travel time from New York City to Winter Park, thirty hours by train, or the average year round temperature, which at the time was 70.4 degrees. I was also informed that the average rainfall was 52.11 inches a year. I was expecting to find information like this, but I found it interesting that they mentioned the quality of the town’s drinking water, and the conditions of the local roads. Each brochure I looked at also had a list of the local homeowners. I didn’t recognize any of the names, so I’m assuming they were the financial contributors. By the end of that folder the brochures were quite repetitive, and I’m hoping they’re all not like this.

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