Thursday, September 29, 2011

Research Winter Park's Development through a focus on Rollins College

The research paper, based on the 1890’s and the development of cities, I plan on writing will focus on Rollins College and its contribution to the development of Winter Park, FL. Rollins college played a large role in the founding of Winter Park, not only because of its student population bolstering the surrounding city economy but also fostering the social standards for an educated, faithful, and high achieving community of individuals. I can, with this topic, explore why this college appealed to community, how its been built to its standard that it is held to today. I personally want to explore this topic because I know very little about the founding of Winter Park and its development or how Rollins college played a part in that process. Since I am a part of this community I feel a responsibility and a duty to learn and explore the history of this amazing community and how it contributed to the Guilded Age of America.

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