Thursday, September 29, 2011

Research Paper

When looking for a research topic I knew I wanted to do a specific person who impacted Rollins & Winter Park. George Morgan Ward seemed to be the perfect candidate. His life had many ups and downs, which are particularly interesting to me and what I would like to research. He became the President & Professor of economics at Rollins college, but there was another job Rollins gave him that he was not aware of, and this was called debt. He recalls, “They told me in the north that Rollins College did not owe any money. Well, I reckon it didn’t. But the Trustees owed $5,000.” His dedication and work for the school as well as the community was truly an inspiration, and this is why he is my research papers main focus.

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  1. This is an excellent topic. You will find plenty of information in the college archive on Ward and there is information in the Winter Park Public Library.